Thursday, February 18, 2010

100 things list.

Each completed (or in-progress) goal will have its own accompanying blog entry.
Struckthrough goals are completed goals.
Italicised goals are in progress.

1. Make a piece of jewellery daily for a month.
2. Complete a 365 project, a picture a day for a year. (2009)
3. Print out 365 project and put into an album/book.
4. Make a pirate theme jacket for International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
5. Draw something in the art journal, up to at least 20 different drawings.
6. Create some baby things with the sewing machine.
7. Create 4 bags for everyday use with the sewing machine.
8. Leave a mark somewhere in the neighbourhood.
9. Build a snowman

10. Italy.
11. Darwin.
12. UK. (18/7/2010 - 22/8/2010)
13. Japan. (3/10/2012 - 18/10/2012)
14. Niagara Falls. (14/1/2012 - 16/1/2012)
15. Canada.(12/1/2012 - 21/1/2012)
16. New Zealand (Auckland and part of North Island 28/1/2010-12/2/2010, Auckland and Bays of Island 29/1/2012 - 2/2/2012).
17. See most of Australian Big Things - Big Banana, Big Pineapple, Big Scotsman, Big Golden Guitar, Big Merino.
18. Grampians/Hanging Rock/Wilsons Prom
19. Travel on the Ghan.
20. Cradle Mountain, TAS
21. Opera House, Sydney(28/4/2011 for the weekend)
22. Perth.
23. Canberra.
24. Werribee Zoo.
25. Visit an exhibition at Powerhouse, Sydney.
26. Tasmania (whether it's Hobart or Launceston). (Hobart, 1/11/2008, 20/11/2008, 12/02/2009)

27. Donate blood.
28. Ride the rail trails of Victoria.
29. Ride the exercise bike 20 mins, daily for a month x 3.
30. Do two of the walking tracks in the Dandenongs.
31. Run 5km-10km marathon.
32. Dance Salsa.

Crazy Things:
33. Hot balloon ride.
34. Kite or wind surf.
35. Skiing.
36. Scubadiving.
37. Ride a scooter. (26/11/2009 - QLD trip, Magnetic Island)
38. Ride an elephant.
39. Ride a camel.
40. Hot lap - V8 race car.
41. Swim with dolphins.
42. Swim with seals.
43. Swim with a shark.
44. Abseiling/Rockclimbing.
45. Hang gliding.
46. Parasailing.
47. Helicopter ride.
48. Ride in a 2 seater plane.
49. Row a boat.
50. Do the Sydney or Auckland Bridge climb. (29/4/2011 Sydney)
51. Go sledding.
52. Play paintball.
53. Ride a horse.
54. Ride a mechanical bull.
55. Pole dancing.
56. Eureka Sky Deck.
57. Visit a men's gallery (21/8/2008 with a group of friends)

Spectator related:
58. Attend an AFL game (Essendon vs. Carlton - 22/6/2008 with Blair and Liz).
59. Attend opera.
60. Attend a play of some sort (Guys and Dolls - 17/5/2008, on a date with Deon).
61. Attend ballet.
62. Attend orchestra concert. (Video Games Unplugged, Symphony of Legends - Melbourne Symphony Orchestra 12/4/2012)
63. Attend a movie in Gold Class.
64. Watch a sunrise/set from somewhere awesome.
65. See the Penguin parade.
66. Attend Melbourne Cup Race Day.
67. Attend a NBA game. Washington Wizards vs. Boston Celtics 1/1/2012
68. Attend a ice hockey game. Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers 28/12/2011
69. Attend a baseball game - Baltimore Oriole/Boston Red Sox (Feb-Sept) or Japanese baseball (Mar-Oct).
70. Disney on Ice show.
71. Attend MotoGP at Phillip Island.
72. Attend Albert Park GP.
73. Attend Tennis - Australian Open in Melbourne.
74. Boxing Day Test (cricket).
75. Attend at least 5 local/international concerts or gigs a year.

76. Sample 100 beers.
77. Host a dinner party.
78. Have dinner on the tram around Melbourne.

79. Karaoke (29/8/2008 with friends).
80. Babysit kids.
81. Catch snowflakes on tongue.
82. Date a man over 30 but under 35.(6 months - Stew)
83. Date a man over 35 but under 40. (17/5/2008 - Deon)
84. Experience a white Christmas.
85. Shave hair off for cancer.
86. Be an extra on a TV show or an ad.
87. Go blonde.June 2011
88. Be a life drawing model.
89. Learn how to play guitar or bass.
90. Participate in the Zombie Shuffle.
91. Volunteer for something a year. (2008 - Aunty, 2009 - Melbourne International Film Festival, 2010 - Oxfram Trailwalker, 2011 - MIFF)
92. Save $1000 (27/5/2008)
93. Save $2000 (surpassed it some time in 2011)
94. Attend a book signing.
95. Watch 100 of the 250 movies voted by users on IMDb.
96. Send a postcard to Postsecret.
97. Attend the Dawn Service at the Shrine for Remembrance Day.
98. Attempt to read 100 books.
99. Visit markets 6 times a year.

100. Have a party!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mission 100...

I feel this is going to be a mission 100... Still coming up with some ideas what I want to do. Not going to do "101 goals in 1001 days" like most people are doing as I want to do most or try all of my goals before I am 30.

If I failed to do it, that's okay, no pressure. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I thought I do something like 100 things to do before I turn 30, and I don't become that age till 2012. It's funny, I started the list back in May, 2008 out of boredom waiting for my friends at the table for our monthly Mexican dinner. Out of my group of friends I tend to be the youngest at these events - they are all in their late 30's or early 40's depends on who you talk to, and I look at each one of them, thinking "he's been to such such," "she's been to there, and here" and "he's done this and that." 

Then I look at my own life, I realised I haven't done much apart from skydiving (Oct 2005 - Euroa, Vic), 5 weeks Europe trip (Oct/Nov 2007) and all the times I've spent volunteering for events that happened in Melbourne: Deaflympics 2005, Commonwealth Games 2006 and Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) 2009 - that's how I felt in my mind.

But in reality I think I have done some things that most people my age haven't had the chance to experience. I also wonder if people of my age have had the oppurtunity to do something equally as interesting or similar to what I've done and how many people under 30 have really done any extraordinary, unusual or special things out there.